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Multi-chrome loose pigment eyeshadows
Molten Liquid Eyeshadows

Enchanted Forest Multichrome Molten Liquid Eyeshadow Collection

$22.22  $155.55

Multichrome Moon Dust Collection
Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Multichrome Moon Dust Collection

$16.00  $176.00

Multichromatic glitter gels
Water-based formula

Enchanted Holo Cream Glitter Flake Collection


Long-wearing eyeshadow
Multi-tonal eyeshadow

Enchanted Holo Molten Liquid Shadow Collection


Enchanted Reign or Shine Gloss


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Create stunning smoky eyes with our Molten Liquid Shadow Potion
Multi-tonal Molten Liquid Shadow Potion for long-lasting, smudge-resistant color

Envy Molten Liquid Shadow


Fine and chunky glitters that reflect light and sparkle on face, body, and hair
Color-shifting loose glitter particles in shades of red, copper, orange, gold, green, and yellow

Eternal Flame Chameleon Loose Glitter

$3.33  $8.00

Create a sheer and sparkly look with our Opal Multi-Chrome Pigments.

Ethereal Opal Multichrome Moon Dust


flat concealer brush

Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush


Soft Iridescent Pink Multichrome Eyeshadow - Stunning Metallic Pastel Rainbow Effect - Easy-to-Follow Tutorial
Transform Your Look with Soft Iridescent Pink Multichrome Eyeshadow - Apply Thin Layer of Adhesive for Flawless Finish

Fairy Chameleon Glitter Flakes

$8.88  $16.00

Mix colors for a custom look with our water-activated Mystic Liners. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE.
Create unique shades with our water-activated Mystic Liners! VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE.

Fairytale Mystic Liner Collection


multichrome gel eyeshadow

Gaia Opal Multichrome Moon Dust


prime gluta plus

Glitz Fix Prime & Shine


Glow Serum


chameleon flakes bulk
chameleon flakes bulk

Goddess Chameleon Glitter Flakes

$8.88  $16.00

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