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Fine and chunky glitters that reflect light and sparkle on face, body, and hair
Color-shifting loose glitter particles in shades of red, copper, orange, gold, green, and yellow

Eternal Flame Chameleon Loose Glitter

$3.33  $8.00

cocoa glow
loose glitter amazon

Cocoa Loose Glitter

$2.22  $5.00

Party Melon


Chunky and fine glitter particles
Reflective loose glitter colors

Chameleon Loose Glitter Bundle

$11.11  $20.00

Long-lasting chameleon glitter for eye makeup
Reflective silver flake for a radiant effect

Disco Ball Chameleon Glitter Flakes

$11.11  $16.00

Sex on the Beach Reign or Shine Gloss


Lavish Diamond Moon Dust

$11.11  $12.00

Bikini Chameleon Glitter Flakes


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