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Loose Glitters

Color-shifting loose glitter particles reflect light to create a sparkling effect on face, body, and hair.  Changes to different colors as you move into different angles of light. 

To Use:

Applies easily with a damp brush.  First apply a thin layer of our 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner, OR Glitter Base Gel Adhesive, then gently pat our flakes into place.

Mix into glosses ro layer shadows for added radiance.

These Glitters come in a 10g jar, no sifter.

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Cocoa Loose Glitter

$2.22  $5.00

Crystal Sea Chameleon Loose Glitter
Crystal Sea Chameleon Loose Glitter

Crystal Sea Chameleon Loose Glitter

$2.22  $6.00

IndiGlow Chameleon Loose Glitter

$3.33  $8.00

Chunky and fine glitter particles
Reflective loose glitter colors

Chameleon Loose Glitter Bundle

$11.11  $20.00

Fine and chunky glitters that reflect light and sparkle on face, body, and hair
Color-shifting loose glitter particles in shades of red, copper, orange, gold, green, and yellow

Eternal Flame Chameleon Loose Glitter

$3.33  $8.00

Soul Mate Chameleon Loose Glitter

$3.33  $7.00

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Aquarian Loose Glitter


Snow Flake Loose Glitter


Sagittarius Loose Glitter


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